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I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey

Is an excellent declaration.  But are you Living Your Best Life?


Are you living your Best Life Now? 

Actionable steps and S.M.A.R.T. Goal-Setting is imperative to achieve balance in all aspects of your life. Sharen King is on a mission to share tools, resources, and appropriate measures to empower young girls and women to not only strive for economic empowerment, personal success but also recognize and restrain from self-destructive behavior.


"My life is a testimony and proof creative intelligence is a commodity best shared." Sharen Sierra 

While pursuing a career in media Ms. King was told by a television executive the station needed to hire a minority, and while she is talented, however, her features aren’t black enough. 

Fast forward a few years later to the city of Chicago. 

Early on before the world discovered Oprah Winfrey as just 'Oprah,' Ms. King went to a taping of A.M. Chicago, Ms. Winfrey was the host. The topic was 'Sex and The First Time.' 

During audience participation, Sharen stood up and shared her story. After the show, a producer asks if Sharen would be willing to meet with General Manager Joe (Joseph) Ahern and Bill (William) Applegate news director. In summary their question to Ms. King. "The camera loves you, and you have a strong presence have you ever considered becoming a news reporter.'

"Many of your greatest trials will lead to your greatest triumphs." Sharen Sierra

Ms. King was already working to set herself apart in the male-dominated field of sports media and public relations. At the start of her career, most of her clientele were athletes and business owners.

She garnered notoriety and success when she started to create, develop and manage her client's media image and Brand. "In truth, I didn't have a plan I just knew how to get it done. Now  each of my business and personal goals are strategic and intentional do!" Sharen Sierra

Regardless of the chapeau she wears, Radio Host, Social Media Influencer, Motivational Speaker, Brand Marketing or Media Expert. The message is consistent authentic success is a life built on a foundation of faith, a life of balance and joy. 


Why Ask Sharen Sierra?


Why Ask Sharen Sierra?

"My entire career both in success and failure is a set-up to assist you to navigate and elevate to the next level of your best life." Sharen Sierra

For more than three years (2018) Sharen King was Executive Producer of 'Ask Steve' (TM) Harvey digital game app launched in Google Play Store and iTunes based on the popular segment of the same name from the nationally syndicated daytime show Steve Harvey. 

Sharen Sierra researched, wrote, edit, and manage the content which covered topics Steve Harvey discussed on his Emmy Award-Winning daytime show ranging from business success, women empowerment, finding love, marriage, family, health and wellness and more. 

During the years of the project, she wrote and or answered 1000's of questions submitted in the game app, in print, Twitter, Facebook Live and across other social media platform providing resources and answers on topical trending questions from men and women from across the globe.

'Ask Steve'  TM Harvey the game is no longer live but men and women from as far as Africa, Asia, Australia, and as close as Canada continue to call, email text, or messenger seeking answers to questions ranging from business goals, health and wellness, family, financing and broken hearts.


Why For Women Only?

To address the needs of women by sharing resources, encouragement, applicable steps leading to breakthroughs is my assignment and my gift. 

For me, 2018 was the year of reflection, reconciliation, and revelation. In 2019 my journey involves facilitating workshops on Time Management, Branding, Dangers of Digital Dating, and  S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting equipping and motivating women and young girls with daily tools to achieve success in both their personal and business life.  

A woman of faith, daughter, bonus mom, sister, aunt, friend, motivational speaker, mentor, athletic coach of young girls, advocate, and businesswoman I have a front row seat to God's grace and mercy.  

I also have a front-row seat to an enormous amount of pain and Silent Suffering both in the world and the church.

In 2018 the #METOO Movement shine a spotlight  gave a face and voice to not only sexual harassment in the workplace but other social and cultural ills locally and globally.

For the first time, I spoke out loud about, my #METOO experiences. The movement open the floodgates for women and young girls to use their voice to share their fears, healing, wants, desires and goals.

Suddenly the veil of living as Superwoman was lifted. It was okay to reveal trials, tribulation and personal struggles specifically in the area of physical and mental health and wellness. 

I will continue to share the message of entrepreneurship and business success however now more than ever I began to speak out loud about the dangers of Silent Suffering

In 2018 I attended four young adults (17-24) funerals as a result of suicide. I referred many families to grief counseling due to the loss of loved ones, due to death by trauma and natural causes. I had a father reach out to me about his 15-year-old  who was in full-blown crisis daughter's depression and abandonment issues as a result of the mother leaving. Countless referrals for millennials dealing with anxiety and healthy self-esteem issues. Couple this with elder care abuse and sexting among pre-adolescents 

When I assume the role as a Business and Brand Strategist, the projects for SME businesses are due to a drastic decline in revenue. Suddenly the owners are in panic mode and my role takes on the additional responsibility of Crisis Management.

In reflection I question the true crisis and how will God use me for the greater good of the kingdom. 

I would fast and pray and cry out, "Lord my Lord what is it that you require from me?"

It was almost too much for me to Praise through the Panic of not knowing. 

To address the needs of women by sharing resources, encouragement, applicable steps leading to breakthroughs is my assignment and my gift. 

God set women apart to accomplish great things in our: interpersonal relationships, families, communities and to succeed in bringing our gifts and vision to fruition in successful businesses. 

My message is simple his promise is real. 

A woman of faith with no name was shunned and suffered for 12 long years. She is healed instantly by touching the hem of his garment. 

Live your faith and wait on the Lord.

Live Your Best Life Now!

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